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Verdicts & Awards

Paralyzed man awarded $10 million jury verdict from rollover car crash
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. obtained a $10,000,000 jury verdict for a former Orlando International Airport skycap paralyzed in a rollover crash in which all of the vehicle’s occupants were ejected. The defense contended the paralyzed young man had been driving immediately before the accident. Through sophisticated accident reconstruction, including using an unwrecked truck of the exact same make, the attorneys at Best Law Firm Florida P.A. were able to conclusively prove the defendant was behind the wheel at the time of the crash.

Injury Attorney Central FloridaTown of Windermere awarded $6.5 million from local country club for toxic pollution incident
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $6,549,537.50 settlement for the town of Windermere in a toxic tort case against a local country club. Over the course of the 4-month trial, the longest civil trial ever held in Orange County history, Best Law Firm Florida P.A. proved the country club polluted a local freshwater lake.

Parents of brain damaged infant awarded $5 million from Hospital/OB
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $5,000,000 settlement for the parents of a brain-damaged infant with the hospital and obstetrician providing the care. The plaintiffs contended the fetal heart monitor strip mandated a caesarean section shortly after admission to the hospital. In spite of the ominous tracing, the nurses and doctor continued to monitor the patient, delivering the child only after significant distress and brain damage had occurred.

Parents of infant girl awarded $4.95 million settlement as a result of neglect by hospital staff and Doctor
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. obtained a $4,950,000 dollar settlement for the parents of a young girl who was neglected by the hospital staff and doctor. Best Law Firm Florida P.A. was able to present evidence that all factors indicated an immediate delivery was necessary.

Family awarded $4 million for misdiagnosis of baby’s bowel obstruction
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $4,000,040 settlement for a 6-month old baby who was brought to a hospital with a history of vomiting for 48 hours. The hospital staff and the doctors failed to diagnose a bowel obstruction, common in children. When they finally performed surgery, the blockage in the bowel was not removed, and the baby suffered septic shock, brain damage and permanent blindness.

Pregnant woman awarded $3.6 million against negligent OB
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $3,650,000 settlement for a 33-year-old pregnant woman, who’s obstetrician negligently induced labor and failed to diagnose fetal distress. The nurses notified the doctor of the fetal distress, but the doctor continued the delivery using a vacuum extractor and forceps rather than performing an emergency Cesarean section. The baby suffered permanent and severe brain damage, and Best Law Firm Florida P.A. obtained the global settlement with the doctor and the two hospitals that rendered care to the mother.

Family awarded $3.4 million for problems arising in birth of baby
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $3,400,000 settlement for an 18-year-old woman who was admitted to the hospital for induction of labor. After the mother’s membranes ruptured, the baby’s heart pattern became non-reassuring, and the doctor was notified. Rather than perform the emergency C-section as he had announced to the staff, he used a vacuum extractor to deliver the baby over a span of 58 minutes. Upon delivery, the baby required extensive resuscitation measures. Tests revealed severe metabolic acidosis and hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy.

Parents of brain-damaged child awarded $3 million settlement for delayed delivery
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $3,000,000 settlement of the parents of an infant born with some brain damage as a result of a delayed delivery. The doctor and nurses attending to the delivery agreed the delivery should have taken place sooner. The nurses said they were unable to locate the doctor, and the doctor contended the nurses did not attempt to contact him.

Auto/tractor trailer accident death case results in $2.7 million settlement
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $2,700,000 settlement of a case involving the death of a woman when the vehicle in which she was riding, was rear ended by a tractor trailer rig on a dangerous stretch of I-75. During the course of the investigation, Best Law Firm Florida P.A. uncovered many facts proving the tractor trailer was traveling at an excessive speed, was overloaded, had a history of brake problems, and that more than likely, the driver of the tractor trailer was impaired at the time of the crash. The total settlement was for the estate of the decedent and the surviving spouse of the victim who was also injured in the accident.

Young boy awarded $1 million structured settlement in molestation by psychiatric technician/counselor
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. obtained a $1,025,000 structured settlement for a young boy who was sexually molested by a psychiatric technician/counselor at a resident counseling center. The technician, a victim of sexual abuse himself, lured the boy away from the facility, put medication in the boy’s drink, rendering the boy helpless, and sexually molested him. Best Law Firm Florida P.A. proved the technician had a record of similar activities, which should have been known to the facility at the time the technician was hired.

In a separate case involving the same defendants, Best Law Firm Florida P.A. obtained a $400,000 settlement for another young boy who was sexually molested by the same man, over the course of several months.

Family awarded $1 million for OB’s failing to diagnose and treat IUGR
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. obtained a $1,000,000 global settlement for a baby who was born with severe hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy, after the mother’s obstetrician failed to diagnose and treat intrauterine growth retardation, and timely delivering the baby. After filing suit, Best Law Firm Florida P.A. was able to obtain this global settlement with the doctor, his professional association and the hospital involved in providing care for the baby’s mother.

Family of brain-injured child awarded $1 million settlement from doctor absent at time of delivery
Best Law Firm Florida P.A. negotiated a $1,000,000 settlement, plus the costs of future medical care, for the family of a brain-injured child. The doctor providing care for the family left the hospital and did not return in time for the delivery.

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