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Premises Liability Lawyer Central FloridaOwners of public property have a responsibility to keep everyone who enters the grounds safe and secure. Premises liability laws are in place to keep property owners to these responsibilities. Unfortunately, accidents do occur in places like shopping centers, grocery stores, malls, and private property. Some of the accidents cause serious personal injury.

Inadequate Security on Public Property

A lack of proper security is a major cause of accidents on public property and may sometimes result in wrongful death. Inadequate security may cause injuries such as:

  • Severe burns
  • Knife and gun wounds
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Sexual assault
  • Blunt trauma to the head
  • Dismemberment

Improper lighting, lack of security cameras, and absence of security officers are the direct cause of negligent security. Crimes may happen in areas without security cameras such as store entrances and parking lots. Many stores take the right precautions in creating a safe environment. Stores must provide:

  • Sturdy locks on all doors and windows
  • Well lit hallways and common areas
  • A way to monitor for suspicious-looking people

Most stores have premises liability insurance to compensate anyone who was a victim of a crime on their public property.

Injured on Private Property

When considering a premises liability cases on private property, the court looks at why an individual was on the property. There are a few categories used to classify individuals. These categories are trespassers, invited visitors, licensees, and children. Trespassers are unauthorized visitors to the property and have the least amount of protection under premises liability laws. The owner may be liable for the injuries of trespassers if the property has a high number of trespassers and the owner does not keep the grounds safe. Children are the most protected under these laws regardless if they are authorized visitors or trespassers.

Many private property accidents are slip and falls, but other accidents occur due to:

  • Unstable handrails
  • Stairs not built to code
  • Poorly fenced swimming pool areas
  • Inoperative lighting
  • Failure to post signs warning of dangerous conditions

Just as public property owners have an obligation to keep their business grounds safe, private property owners must do the same. Visitors and authorized individuals to the property are owed a high level of care. This means that any property owner may not neglect maintenance needed to the property or any hazardous condition.

You are protected by law if you suffer a personal injury on public or private property. Please contact our Orlando premises liability attorneys for a consultation. We will help you understand your rights and get you the compensation you deserve.