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Many individuals believe their social security tax serves as a safety net for old age. While this is true, social security taxes also pay for Social Security Disability Insurance, which is when a persons disability and/or impairment makes them unable to work for over a year or until death.

However, qualifying for Social Security Disability Insurance is a daunting task. Often, individuals that should be receiving payments are denied for mysterious reasons, even though their impairment is clearly considered a disability. Consequently, if you or a loved one is applying for Social Security Disability Insurance, it is essential to consult with an attorney that can guide you through the process and successfully appeal your case, if denied benefits.

Determining Eligibility for Social Security Disability Insurance

If you answer yes to any of the below questions, then you are most likely ineligible to receive Social Security Disability Insurance:

  1. Are you currently employed and receiving substantial gainful activity, which is considered to be at least $860?
  2. Is your condition mild? It must be proven that impairments/disabilities are severe enough to restrict you from working.
  3. Does your condition not exist in the list provided by the U.S. Social Security Administration?
  4. Are you able to continue working in your previous line of work? By definition, this includes any work you engaged in over the last 15 years.
  5. Can you perform any other gainful activity?

Importance of a Social Security Disability Insurance Attorney

Over one million people file for Social Security Disability Insurance every year. Sadly, approximately two out of three are denied benefits. Many of these individuals rightly deserve SSDI, however paperwork mistakes and other bureaucratic problems often interfere with eligibility.

Thankfully, many levels exist in the appeals process to ensure that all eligible individuals receive their deserved benefits. These include:

  • Reconsideration—If you have been denied benefits, you can file paperwork requesting reconsideration of your case within 60 days after receiving written denial
  • Hearing—Reconsideration involves a hearing. Having a Social Security Disability attorney on your side is essential, as statistics provided by the U.S. Social Security Administration show that claimants with an attorney more often receive benefits than those without
  • Appeals Council—Following a loss at the hearing level, you can appeal to the Appeals Council and the Federal Court. Again, an attorney is vital for your success

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