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How to File for Social Security Disability

If you are filing for Social Security Disability in Orlando, Florida, there is a lengthy, complicated process you must follow. Our social security disability attorneys at Best Law Firm Florida P.A. can help.

Types of Social Security Benefits
There are two types of Social Security programs with which you may file an application.

  1. Social Security Disability – This program is designed to pay you disability benefits if you have worked for a long enough time during which you paid Social Security taxes. These benefits not only apply to you, but to your adult child as well if he or she was disabled prior to turning age 22.
  2. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) – This program is for both disabled adults as well as children who are on limited incomes and have limited resources at their disposal.

Regardless of which program you apply to for benefits, the medical requirements you need to meet to receive disability payments are the same.

Information is gathered with respect to your education, medical condition (through medical records), and work history to determine if you qualify for disability benefits.

You are eligible for Social Security Disability benefits the day you become disabled, but you are not entitled to benefits until 6 months following that date.

Fill Out Your Application
To fill out your application, you need to contact your local Florida Social Security office. There are three ways to do this:

  1. Call your nearest Social Security Office (Social Security Office Locator) and set up an appointment to file your application
  2. File online at SocialSecurityOnline: Social Security Benefit Application
  3. Walk into your local Social Security Office (Social Security Office Locator) with no appointment necessary

Calling to arrange an appointment is usually the best way to file your application because you obtain a face-to-face meeting. Online applications are missing this face-to-face contact, and walk-ins may need to wait long hours before meeting with a Social Security Administration employee.

However, if you have hired an attorney, you can avoid the hassle and frustration of the entire Social Security Disability application process by simply having your social security disability attorney represent you.

Learn the System
To increase your odds of winning your claim when you file for Social Security Disability, learn the system and be prepared for long waits with lots of patience. You may improve your odds even more by hiring an experienced social security disability attorney who knows the system even better than you.

If you have more questions about Social Security Disability, please see our Questions about Social Security Disability Claims page.