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There is perhaps no more tragic form of medical malpractice than an avoidable birth injury. A promising young life placed at a disadvantage at the very moment it enters the world.

Orlando birth injury attorney David Best understands the tragedy of learning that your child suffered a birth injury. But more importantly, he understands the complex medical and legal issues at work in these cases.

When you're trying to recover from the news of a birth injury, it's important to find the right attorney. Mr. Best  has decades of experience helping families like yours pursue justice and compensation after avoidable birth injuries. You can trust his judgment and ability.

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Why David Best?

The practice of medicine is an inherently risky one. The law recognizes this and does not regard every negative outcome as an example of medical malpractice, no matter how tragic.

Instead, you must demonstrate that the outcome was the result of a medical professional violating a "standard of care." This is a method of diagnosis or treatment that a reasonable, competent medical professional could be expected to follow in a similar case.

Obviously, deciding whether a birth injury was an unavoidable tragedy or a standard of care violation is quite difficult. These cases require extensive knowledge of highly technical medical and legal conditions.

Mr. Best has earned this knowledge through decades of hard work. He understands the law and the medicine, which means he knows what you and your child are going through. He understands the long-term consequences of these injuries and the financial and emotional harm you are suffering.

Types of Birth Injuries

There are a wide range of birth injuries, so the following list is far from exhaustive. However, our Orlando birth injury lawyer has ample experience helping families of children who have suffered:

In the cases we handle, these injuries were avoidable. Doctors and other professionals missed warning signs and went ahead with traditional birthing methods even though it put the mother and the baby at risk.

See here for specific examples of birth injury malpractice.

Our birth injury lawyer will evaluate your case at a free initial consultation and give you his honest, learned opinion on your situation. This includes helping you decide whether or not legal action is appropriate.

If you're an Orlando, Florida resident and your child has suffered a birth injury, our lawyer wants to hear your story. Please contact Best Law Firm, Florida P.A for a free consultation.