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Why Today’s Informed Accident or Medical Malpractice Victim Should Know Best Law Firm Florida P.A.

For over 25 years the experienced team of attorneys, legal assistants and skilled support staff at our Orlando personal injury law firm have been helping clients seek the damages they deserve whenever and wherever serious injury or death occurs as a result of an accident or medical malpractice.

Accidents - Auto, truck, motorcycle and bicycle. Boats, watercraft and airplane. On the job injuries and injuries to children. Slip and falls. Neck, back and head injuries. Injuries as a result of defective products. Brain damage, paralysis and burns. Drowning and animal attacks. Wrongful death

Medical Malpractice Causing Injury or DeathBrain damage. Surgery mistakes. Hospital or doctor negligence. Laparoscopic injuries. Nursing malpractice or nursing home neglect. Cancer. Spine injuries. Misdiagnosis

Injury at BirthYou could get compensation without even someone being at fault.


Auto. Life. Homeowner’s. Health. Business. Disability. Property

It is the job of an insurance adjuster to hold onto the company’s money. In many cases, the insurance company representatives can be very underhanded, manipulative and tight-fisted. They may do everything possible to hold onto their money, even if you have a rightful claim to it. Our Orlando personal injury law firm has years of experience dealing with insurance companies.

After an accident, do not sign anything or put anything in writing until you talk to an attorney.

Insurance companies are in business to collect premiums and make a profit. One way that profits skyrocket is by paying injured victims tiny checks. These high profits come right out of your settlement. Best Law Firm Florida P.A. works to make insurance companies respond fairly to legitimate claims. Whether your claim is under a homeowner’s, life, auto, commercial property & casualty, health, business, or disability insurance policy, the attorneys at Best Law Firm Florida P.A. have the experience and resources to get you the money you deserve. We’ll challenge powerful insurance companies and hold them accountable to deserving victims.

Helpful Advice

Insurance Companies would prefer that you not know the true value of your case. They would prefer that you not know your legal rights. Never forget that the insurance adjuster owes a duty to the insurance company to settle your case as cheaply as possible. It is the job of our Orlando personal injury law firm to help find insurance coverage from those who are responsible so that our clients are adequately and fairly compensated.

The insurance company has all of the advantages – thousands of lawyers and billions of dollars on their side. Let us deal with the insurance company so you don’t have to.