Finding a Good Personal Injury Lawyer

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Your choice of personal injury lawyer matters. Finding the right attorney in the Orlando area can play a significant role in determining the fate of any legal action you might pursue.

But choosing the right attorney...well, we know that's difficult. Orlando is something of a saturated market for personal injury lawyers, and you have a lot of options. It can all be a little overwhelming, especially if you're trying to recover from a serious accident.

Fortunately, the careful consideration of a few factors will rarely lead you astray. And we are confident that we can represent you with the skill and passion you deserve.

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What Makes for a Good Personal Injury Lawyer?

Every attorney makes certain claims about themselves. These claims have various degrees of legitimacy, but you can cut through most of them just by focusing on some important considerations.

These are:

  • Experience: It's difficult to overstate the importance of experience. There's a huge difference between the theory of law as taught in school and the practice of it in the real world. David Best has decades of experience dealing with Florida's judges, juries and attorneys. He knows what makes for a winning case, and he's seen it all- nothing will surprise him.
  • Track record: Similarly, it's important to find a personal injury lawyer who has proven that he can win cases for his clients. No attorney has a perfect track record, but Mr. Best is AV rated by Martindale-Hubbell, a distinction earned by only the top trial lawyers in America. There are no guarantees in personal injury law, but the past is usually an excellent predictor of the future.
  • Comfort level: Less quantifiably, it's important to feel comfortable with your personal injury lawyer. A PI case can drag on for a while, and you're going to need to communicate frequently with your attorney. Make sure you feel that the attorney will take your case seriously and give both it and you the attention you both deserve.

We encourage you to arrange a free initial consultation with our personal injury lawyer. Not only will you tell us your story, you'll have an opportunity to ask us questions about our practice. We welcome questions and pride ourselves on clear, honest client communication.

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