Defective Vehicles in Car Accidents

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Car Accident Lawyer FloridaAs consumers we expect our purchases to be free of manufacturing and construction defects. Unfortunately, defective vehicles are one of the leading causes of car accidents. When a vehicle is defective or a mechanic failed to properly maintain a vehicle, negligent parties must be held accountable for their damages.

Types of Vehicle Defects

A vehicle defect not only makes the automobile more liable to crash, but also increases the likelihood of serious injuries being sustained. The most common types of vehicle defects are:

  • Brake systems — When brakes are improperly designed and/or installed, the system may suddenly fail
  • Acceleration systems — Acceleration defects may cause a car to accelerate forward or backward without warning, resulting in an auto accident
  • Tires — Defective tires may result in a rollover accident in otherwise stable driving conditions
  • Design flaw — SUV’s have a high center of gravity, which increases the chance of an SUV rollover accident occurring

Vehicle Crashworthiness

Car manufacturers perform extensive testing to ensure that the occupants of their vehicles are safe in the event of a crash. However, mistakes still occur at an alarmingly high rate.

Unlike faulty brake or acceleration systems, which increase the likelihood of a car accident, vehicle crashworthy defects increase the likelihood of serious, personal injury.

Common defects in a vehicle’s crashworthiness include:

  • Air bags — Air bags that deploy with excessive force or fail to deploy increases the prospect of serious injury
  • Seat belts — Design flaws in the latch or belts that apply excessive force can result in unnecessary injuries
  • Doors — If a door latch is defective, a vehicle’s door may become unhinged during an accident
  • Fuel-fed fire — Poorly placed and/or designed fuel tanks can cause a vehicle to explode

Compensation for Injuries due to Defective Vehicles

If a manufacturing company created a faulty part or released a defective vehicle and you or a loved one sustained personal damages due to their negligence, then you may be entitled to compensation for your damages, which can include:

  • Physical and mental suffering
  • Medical expenses
  • Car repairs and/or replacement
  • Rental car costs
  • Funeral expenses and loss of companionship, in the event of wrongful death
  • Loss of wages
  • Diminished earning capacity

If you or a loved one has been involved in a car accident and suspect your vehicle was defective, please contact our auto accident attorney office today to schedule your free consultation. Best Law Firm Florida P.A. serves the Orlando, Florida area and operates on a contingency basis, meaning you do not pay unless we obtain compensation for your damages.

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