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Cellphone use is one of the leading causes of distracted driving accidents, contributing to an estimated 16 percent of fatal car accidents and 20 percent of accidents resulting in serious personal injury. Texting, of course, presents one of the largest dangers. Studies have found texting while driving increases the risk of causing an accident 23-times over. Our state has put minor texting regulations in place in an effort to curb this behavior, but these limited actions have failed to produce any real results.

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Hands-Free is not “Danger-Free”

The story that hands-free devices reduce the risk of causing car accidents is certainly profitable for the manufacturers of hands-free technology. It is not, however, based on fact. A meta-analysis of crash data conducted by the National Safety Council found no evidence that hands-free devices reduced the risk of causing accidents. In fact, using a hands-free device to text has actually been shown to increase crash risks as it requires significantly more attention than a handheld device.

Using a hands-free device while driving is perfectly legal in Florida. So too is using a handheld device so long as texting is not involved. Tragically, both of these actions place everyone on the road at increased danger for serious or even fatal injury.

Whether a law is broken by a driver using a cellphone is irrelevant. If their behavior results in injury to another, they are liable for all of the damages they have caused.

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