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July 22, 2015

It's difficult to overstate the complexity of medical malpractice cases. These cases involve difficult, tragic circumstances that revolve around split-second decisions made in a stressful environment. These decisions involve incredibly complicated medical issues.

Evaluating these decisions in hindsight requires a unique skill set, which David Best possesses. He's been a practicing medical malpractice lawyer in the Orlando area for decades, and he understands the issues involved with these cases.

But even the most experienced lawyer needs a support structure to help with medical malpractice cases. Mr. Best has worked hard to build such a structure in his practice, meaning he has both the knowledge and the help he needs to evaluate your medical malpractice claim.

Our firm works with a collection of medical experts to evaluate and discuss medical malpractice claims. We are fully capable of coming to reasoned, educated conclusions regarding the wisdom of the decisions made in your case.

The only way to know for sure if you have a case is to discuss it with us at a free consultation. We'll be happy to listen to your story and advise you on the best path moving forward.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and need an experienced, well-equipped medical malpractice lawyer, please call The Best Law Firm, P.A today at 1-800-282-2378 for a free consultation.


July 15, 2015

If there's one issue that arises in a significant percentage of the wrecks our Orlando truck accident attorney handles, it's driver fatigue. Exhaustion is a common issue for commercial truck drivers, and it puts everyone on the road at risk.

The real issue here is not the individual driver in question- it's the trucking companies that set the schedules to which drivers must adhere. These schedules are often shockingly ambitious, and meeting them requires pushing the envelope behind the wheel.

Many drivers feel they have no choice but to push though the night and drive while utterly exhausted. Quite a few of these drivers resort to stimulants and other drugs to keep them awake.

Fatigue is a serious problem for any driver, but it's especially dangerous when the driver is operating a massive commercial truck. An exhausted driver is one with a greatly reduced reaction time, and a large commercial truck is already difficult enough to operate. The driver needs to be fully alert, or he or she won't have time to make sudden adjustments while on the road.

Our Orlando truck accident lawyer is willing to pursue liability wherever it may lead. We're not afraid to pursue compensation from a large trucking company if they were responsible for the accident.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area or suffered an injury in this area and you need an experienced truck accident attorney, please call The Best Law Firm, P.A today at 1-800-282-2378 for a free consultation. 

July 15, 2015

As we enter the middle of another long Florida summer, it's an excellent time to re-visit just how dangerous July in Orlando can really be if you're on the road. Our car accident lawyer has seen entirely too many weather-related accidents during his decades of work in the state.

The most dangerous element of a Florida summer is undoubtedly the rain. It rains just about every day in the summer, usually in the late afternoon. These storms rarely last long, but they can be intense, and they pose a serious danger if you're caught on the road when one sweeps through.

You can protect yourself during the storm by illuminating your headlights and driving quite cautiously- take it slow. But the most important protective step you can take is preparation- make sure your windshield wipers are still effective, and ensure that you're driving on sound tires.

Of course, the most prominent feature of a Florida summer is the sun. You'd much rather drive in sunn weather than stormy weather, but the bright Florida sun does pose some danger to drivers. Make sure your visors are in good shape, and it's probably a good idea to invest in a pair of sunglasses for your commute.

As always, it's a good idea to remember that other drivers might not take the same precautions you do. Assume that you'll have to make a quick decision to make up for another driver's error. Hopefully it won't be necessary, but it's better to be prepared than to be caught by surprise.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and you need an experienced car accident lawyer, please call The Best Law Firm, P.A today at 1-800-282-2378 for a free consultation. 

June 17, 2015

Orlando car accident lawyer David Best understands that every accident case is unique. The specific compensation you are able to pursue will be determined by the circumstances of your accident. And it's important to remember that no car accident lawyer can promise you a specific verdict or settlement.

However, clients are often surprised by the amount of compensation they can pursue. Personal injury law recognizes that the financial damages you suffer after an accident are significant and diverse.

You have the ability to pursue compensation for:

  • Direct medical bills (hospital stays, medication, physical therapy and so on)

  • Pain and suffering

  • Lost wages, including future wages you lose if you're unable to work after an accident

  • Funeral expenses (in wrongful death cases)

  • Property damage

Some of these might not apply in your case. But our car accident lawyer is committed to pursuing every avenue of compensation that is available to you.

We understand how difficult it is to make ends meet after a car accident. This is why we are so passionate about providing you with the skilled and experienced representation you deserve.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and you need an experienced car accident lawyer, please call The Best Law Firm, PA today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation. 

June 10, 2015

The general concept of premises liability is one that most Orlando-area residents understand- a property owner is responsible for keeping the property and land safe and might be held accountable if a legal visitor is injured as a result of some negligence.

However, the specifics of that negligence can be a little hard to understand. What exactly qualifies as “negligence” in a premises liability case? What are some specific examples of issues that property owners let slide and that can get innocent people hurt?

Our Orlando premises liability lawyer has pursued compensation in cases resulting from:

  • Insufficient security

  • Exposed wiring

  • Slip hazards left unattended

  • Poor lighting

  • Loose carpeting or floorboards that present a tripping hazard

  • Fire hazards

Obviously that is not an exhaustive list. But it does provide a useful glimpse at some of the specific issues that arise.

And you've probably noted that these aren't unreasonable concerns. You expect property owners to provide sufficient security, to clean up spills and to make sure the location is well-lit. The law doesn't ask much of property owners, which is why they're liable for their negligence when it results in an injury.

If you've been hurt in the Orlando, Florida area and you want to speak to our premises liability lawyer, please call The Best Law Firm, Florida PA today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation. 

June 03, 2015

Finding the right Orlando birth injury lawyer in the aftermath of your child's tragic injury is crucial. Your child is looking at long-term pain and medical expenses, which means securing compensation is absolutely vital.

We know you have a lot of options. But we're confident that birth injury lawyer David Best is capable of handling your case with skill and discretion.

Why? One important factor: experience.

It's impossible to overstate the importance of experience in a birth injury lawyer. Birth injury cases are exceptionally complex. Evaluating the viability of a claim, then sifting through mountains of complicated medical evidence in order to prove negligence, requires a unique set of skills and experience.

Mr. Best has been practicing birth injury litigation in the state of Florida for decades. He understands the courtroom and knows how to fight for the families of injured children. No birth injury lawyer can guarantee you a specific result, but Mr. Best has successfully pursued compensation in many birth injury cases.

That's a track record of success you can't afford to ignore when your child's future is at stake.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and you have questions for our birth injury lawyer, please call The Best Law Firm, Florida P.A. today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation.


May 27, 2015

When we talk about nursing home abuse in the Orlando area, we tend to focus on...well, abuse- outright physical, emotional or financial harm intentionally perpetrated by a facility staff member. However, our nursing home abuse lawyer recognizes that negligence is just as much a danger as abuse.

Staff members and facility administrators don't have to set out to intentionally hurt residents in order to be legally liable for their injuries. The law recognizes that reasonable people are expected to exercise reasonable precautions for those in their care, and failure to exercise those precautions is a legal issue, even if there was no intention to injure.

The primary cause of nursing home negligence is money- namely, an unwillingness to spend it. Poorly trained staff members are cheaper than well-trained staff members, and money is easily saved by cutting personnel as much as possible.

The results are often well-meaning but poorly trained and overwhelmed staff members who are unable to properly care for residents. Many residents are left without supervision because there's no one to check up on them. These residents can end up dehydrated or malnourished.

Our nursing home abuse lawyer has heard these tragic stories too many times. He is prepared to fight for nursing home residents injured by neglect.

If you live in or around the Orlando, Florida area and your loved one has been hurt by nursing home abuse or negligence, our lawyer wants to hear your story. Please call The Best Law Firm, P.A., today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation. 

May 20, 2015

Orlando birth injury attorney David Best always emphasizes how passionate he is about pursuing compensation for the families of innocent children hurt during the delivery process. We make this point as often as we do because it's impossible to overstate the importance of compensation in these cases.

A birth injury is not a one-time traumatic event, something to be dealt with and then put in the past. Sadly, the effects of a birth injury linger throughout the life of a child. What happens during childbirth can affect your child's ability to live a full and prosperous life.

Many birth injuries, including Erb's Palsy, reduce your child's physical capabilities. Others can damage your child's brain, making learning and living exceptionally difficult.

Whatever the precise nature of your child's birth injury, it will likely require years of treatment and physical therapy. The medical expenses associated with a birth injury just keep coming, and they're never cheap.

Compensation from a medical malpractice lawsuit can provide for your child throughout his or her life. It can pay for medical expenses and give the child something to live on when earning a living through gainful employment is difficult or unlikely.

Our birth injury attorney can't promise you a specific result. But we can promise you that we understand the seriousness of your case.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and need an experienced birth injury attorney, please call The Best Law Firm, P.A., today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation. 

May 13, 2015

The tragic reality of operating a motor vehicle on a public street is that you can do everything right and still find yourself in a devastating accident. Motorcyclists in the Orlando area know this better than most, and motorcycle accident lawyer David Best has seen this first-hand.

Motorcyclists are uniquely vulnerable to the mistakes of other drivers. We have helped motorcyclists who were hurt in accidents caused by:

  • A driver's unwillingness to share the road with a motorcycle

  • A driver's inability to spot a motorcycle

  • Failure to give a motorcycle enough room

Motorcyclists have as much right to the road as any larger vehicle, and drivers are obligated to share the road with vehicles legally operating on it. Failure to do so rightly leaves these drivers liable for any accidents.

As a motorcyclist, all you can do is follow the rules of the road and exercise due caution. Always wear a helmet and appropriate protective gear. Keep an eye on cars and trucks and assume they might not be able to see you.

These actions might not be able to prevent every possible crash, but they can protect your wellbeing and ensure that you are not at fault for any accident.

If you live in the Orlando, Florida area and need an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, please call The Best Law Firm, P.A., today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation.

April 28, 2015

Premises liability cases in Orlando can take many forms. One of the most common is insufficient security, which can result in a victim suffering severe bodily injury as a result of someone else's negligence.

The owner of a store, facility or other venue open to the public has certain legal obligations regarding security. The law doesn't require a facility to have a specific amount of security- one guard for every 15 customers, for example. However, the property owner is still expected to take reasonable steps to protect the safety and wellbeing of his patrons.

Insufficient security cases often derive from incidents at retail establishments. Store security is often a place where owners will attempt to cut expenses.

Sometimes, the issue is negligent security- venues are often staffed with poorly trained personnel who are ill-equipped to protect patrons and fail to take reasonable, necessary steps. Owners and administrators are accountable for these mistakes.

Our premises liability attorneys are familiar with all forms of insufficient security cases. We know how to investigate and pursue these claims.

If you've been hurt in the Orlando, Florida area and need an experienced premises liability attorney, please call The Best Law Firm, PA today at 1-800-282-2378 or contact us online for a free consultation.